Outdated: This website was last updated in 2011. Move on to svenk.org for something more recent.



  • Mail: sven.koeppel %at% gmail.com

Goethe University Frankfurt

I'm currently studying Physics BSc and Computer Science BSc at Frankfurt University.

PhysikOnline eLearning Projects

I maintain a local eLearning Project since 2011. Our main sites are:

The technikum29 Technology Museum

A world's unique museum of fully executable computer and communication technology.

technikum29 Development Projects

The technikum29 development projects are the code forge for various projects concerning really old hardware. For example, we started multiple projects for implementing I/O from today's computers to old media devices, processing punch cards or paper tapes. I've written some rather big GUI programs using Gtk+ and Qt, in C and C++. We have contributions in Perl, Python, Bash and ooRexx.

UFOpixel design studios

Ufopixel is a local web agency. It's much about creativity.