Welcome to sven.kö (, IDN fallback: I've got this domain since 09.07.2009 as an entry point to my web sites and as a central place for contact data that were spread in the web before.

About this page

This site collects some links on computer related projects where I am or was invoveld in. This is not this kind of personal website where you could read exhaustive texts about my life or hobbies... there's currently no "Real Life" content at all. You are refered to social networks or my contact data if you want to get me known ;-)

If you googled me, make sure we are talking about the same sven, there are at least one or two other Sven Köppels in Germany.

The designs

This page is somewhat experimental in design and user interface.

  • The Puristic Design is just plain text with basic css, perfect for developer nerds.
  • Lightbox is the name for a (future) redesign of this website because I currently don't like the design at all...
  • The Plain Design is loaded automatically on modern browsers and displays website favicons with a decent layout. Furthermore it implements a fancy navigation concept: All same site contents expand inside.
  • The Polaroid Design enriches the website with a lot of draggable polaroid-like pictures. Perfectly for a quick overview over all websites and way more fun.

All design switching and generation is client-side processed with some javascript code.