Miscellaneous links

This page lists more links which got more unimportant over the time. See website for major links.

More contact details

The following chat channels got more unattractive in favour of Whatsapp and Facebook. For completeness and since I am too lazy to make a fresh new website with up to date information, I list them here.

(If you were looking for a postal adress, take a look at my university website)

Other websites at University Frankfurt

  • ~s1239595 (HRZ): My portal page at the central university user server (german)
  • ~koeppel (RBI): My web space at the computer science web server (german)

Persistent URLs

Since I'm not so happy with this umlaut domain (I doubt you can type it on your keyboard if you are non-german), I prefer linking to purls for long time links.

Various web activities

These are some websites which hold further content that I have once created. I don't link to any social networks anymore, it's not so hard to research for yourself. By the way, I prefer e-mail for communication.

  • Wikipedia: I'm a Wikipedia Author for more than 7 years. While I spend most time on the german wikipedia (Benutzer:Benji, about 3000 edits), I've also contributed hundreds of selfmade pictures and drawings to the commons (User:Sven).
  • Flickr: I've got a little collection of interesting parts, computer related, in particular, on my flickr photo stream: flickrsven.