FIAS Scientific retreat 2015: Quantum Gravity talk by Sven Köppel

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> **The quest for physics at shortest scales**
> a FIAS scientific retreat 2015 talk by Sven Köppel
> In this talk I presented approaches to the Planck scale, an energy
> regime at wich both quantum mechanical effects and gravitational
> interactions get strong. This was motivated by a recent science fiction
> film, namely "Interstellar". The astrophysicist Professor Kip Thorne
> acted as executive producer for this theatrical production, and the
> physical effects like portraits of wormholes and black holes are
> considered scientifically correct. Therefore, it was discussed what
> happens when an astronaut travels to an astrophysical black hole center,
> and how this is connected to quantum mechanical black holes. This
> popular approach guided the audience to the domain of quantum gravity
> and permitted insight of the methods I studied to describe deviations
> from general relativity at shortest scales. The talk concluded with an
> outlook on an upcoming conference in FIAS, the Karl Schwarzschild
> Meeting 2015.


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